Bespoke Vans also specializes in Auto electrics and diagnostics. We do all kinds of mechanical and electrical work for your vehicles. If your heating system broke down or your car’s radio stopped working, perhaps you just need an oil change. We can do it for you. From simplest to the most complicated electric works, you can be sure that your vehicle is in capable hands.


With modern technologies, it is sometimes hard to spot the exact problem if it has to do with wiring. As complicated as it can get with newest technologies like navigation, media integration, cruise control systems, we will make sure that the circuitry and wiring of electrical systems in your car works well and in harmony with other electrical and/or mechanical systems. Our engineers offer top notch service when it comes to repairing your car’s electrical systems. Putting the wires back in the right way after disassembling them is a key to ensure a healthy functioning of all electrical systems as they work in conjunction with each other. One wire, if laid out wrong, can cause a major damage to one or multiple other systems in the car or might even cause something to blow up causing injury.

Consider bespoke vans for your electrical services and let us find out any trouble with your wiring.


Our value-for-money accessories will meet your requirements no matter what type of van you have. All our products will be fully compatible, tested and installed by our trained staff.

A comprehensive range of beacons, alarms systems, lightings, sensors and beepers, batteries, light bulbs 12v / 240v lights are all available to be installed by our professional staff.


All Metalwork inside your van is covered with high quality fire-retardant carpet material with seamless attention to detail. Our specialists will make sure that every contour of the van is snugly molded without stretching the carpet to prevent any unsightly creases or folds. High grade adhesive is used and multiple coats of glue are applied to the carpet and van floor to fix the carpet in one place. Every lining is secured using specialized tools to ensure a long-lasting bond. Once it’s done, the finished carpet looks pristine with seamless detailing being second to none.